Space In Time – 2021

Tesla Death Ray

Record Details

Space In Time Album Cover


  1. Anger Guide -:-- / 4:50
  2. Space In Time -:-- / 6:39
  3. Ain’t All A Lie -:-- / 4:15
  4. Revenge -:-- / 3:44
  5. Nebulous -:-- / 5:02

Space In Time is the second studio album by the band Tesla Death Ray. The album was released in 2021 with Taxi Gauche Records.

The band started with the pre-production of the new album in Italy in 2019. While still preserving psychedelic elements that characterized the first record, Space In Time expresses the versatility and love of rock’n’roll of the late 60s and early 70s even more strongly. And the listeners experience all this: the band captured all the sounds with microphones and amplifiers from the 1960s and 1970s. The songs clearly reflect the mood of the bands home city Zurich during the time when the songs were fine-tuned in several rehearsals: The sultry heat of the city summer, the homely light of the city fog, the lost souls at 6 o’clock in the morning and the life of the people who met and accompanied the band in their everyday life.

Space In Time the album takes the listener on a musical odyssey that hovers between rhythm and mantra’esk sounds, driving the listener onward with overdrive guitars and bass melding with polyphonic vocals. The first single release of the album, Space in Time, combines all of this: the band recorded a 25-piece choir to orchestrate a wall of sound accompanied by gospel-like vocals. This song also reflects the spirit of the band in terms of collaboration and engagement with other musicians, as label friend Gini of Annie Taylor, among others, accompanies the song on vocals.


All the recordings were done by Lino Schilling at the Music Academy Basel. For the mixing the band brought in David Langhart from Winterthur, who felt inspired by the songs. The band drew from his rich musical fund and his musical traces are also hidden in the songs. The final touch, with a focus on vinyl mastering, was given by Rob Viso of Temple Records Lucerne.


The artwork for the new Space In Time LP was done by Sandro Raschle, former bass player of the band and also label friend on Taxi Gauche Records with Alas the Sun.